Gluten Free for Beginners

Now I know how hard it is in the beginning to not eat wheat and gluten so I took my time to put up a few helpful tips and tricks.

1. Put your toothbrush through the wash or get a new one. This will help get all the gluten off.

2.Dont use charcoal briquettes because the makers may put a wheat coating on it. So instead of using briquettes use hard wood chunk charcoal to cut down the chance of wheat or gluten.

3.Avoid already used toasters and chopping boards as they probably have gluten in/on them. If you can’t use a dedicated toaster you can get little toaster safe envelopes that you put your stuff in to toast, which are small enough to slip in your purse or bag and last about ten uses.

4.If you ever cook you will want to get more cooking utensils for gluten free cooking. Things like sifters, spatulas, colanders/strainers* and wooden spoons. Anything that has nooks and cranny can hide gluten if it was ever used for cooking with wheat or gluten. In particular pay attention to colanders/strainers because it’s almost impossible to get all the gluten off them.

5.You should have different sets of scrub brushes and wash clothes if your kitchen is not completely gluten free. If this is not feasable wash you scrub brushes and wash clothes frequently.

6.If you use a shared (not 100% gluten free) kitchen wash your hand towels frequently.

*We strongly advise getting a new colanders or strainers as the gluten is so hard to get off and you can never be sure if all the gluten is gone.